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Stone Cold Steve Austin To Have His Own Game Mode In WWE 2K16

by Damian Seeto


It looks like a game mode centered around Stone Cold Steve Austin might be in the works for WWE 2K16.

As reported by What Culture, Jerry Lawler was a guest on the Memphis Cerrito Live Radio show recently. Lawler talked more about his involvement in this year’s WWE 2K16 video game.

Lawler admitted that WWE 2K16 will have a big Stone Cold Steve Austin mode of some kind. He called it an “Attitude Era” section. It’s possible it’s like WWE 2K15’s 2K Showcase mode, but Stone Cold Steve Austin’s matches are included.

Lawler said he and Jim Ross have both done voice-overs for WWE 2K16 specifically for this new mode starring Stone Cold Steve Austin. This sounds legit as Jim Ross recently wrote on his own blog he’d been working on the new game.

However, will WWE fans accept a Stone Cold Steve Austin mode in WWE 2K16? As popular as he is, an Attitude Era mode was already included in WWE ’13. Austin’s most famous WrestleMania matches were also included in WWE 2K14.

If a Stone Cold Steve Austin mode really is in WWE 2K16, hopefully they choose some different matches and rivalries. Playing the same matches featured in previous games might get tiresome to some.

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