Stranger of Paradise Has Strange Streaming Restrictions

Are you looking to stream this new Square Enix game? You may want to think it through before you hit the record button.

by Carlos Hurtado


The content-creating community is going to have a hard time making content about Stranger of Paradise. Square Enix released some strict streaming guidelines, not allowing content creators to show or record certain sections of the game, which is something strange when it comes to content creation in the gaming niche.

Square Enix announced Stranger of Paradise back in 2021, so far the gameplay has been well received by the community, and all the fans have been making memes and jokes about a specific character on the trailers. Square Enix already confirmed 3 different expansions, so if players want access to them, they will need to buy the Digital Deluxe Edition or the Season Pass.

According to a Twitch streamer called Cohh Carnage, there are many limitations when it comes to creating content about the game, and some guidelines restrictions even include the ending scenes. This will be a hard thing to solve when it comes to creating content, and it will make some streamers steer away from the title.

Among the Stranger of Paradise‘s guidelines when it comes to streaming, there are a couple of rather odd restrictions. Players can not show, live stream, or record portions of the game where the screen recording feature is not permitted. That includes the ending of the game and the content following the final battle until the final message of the game.

These are some extreme measures to keep players from revealing important plot points of the game, and it will make streaming this game a hassle, to say the least. Besides this measure, posting cutscenes, compilations, or any type of content with the sole purpose of showing game cinematics will not be permitted. This also covers the game’s audio; players will not be able to post audio tracks or any type of content to provide access to the game’s music.

It looks like Square Enix wants to avoid any second-hand exposure of the game’s major plot points and spoilers, going to extreme lengths with all these limitations. Many content creators will have to come up with a way to work around these guidelines, avoiding showing major plot points and hiding the game’s most important cutscenes and sections.

Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin will release on March 18th, on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series S|X.

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