Streamer Beats All Soulsborne Games Without Taking a Single Hit

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The Happy Hob isn’t like any other streamer. He attempts insane challenge runs, and is most well known for completing the no hit Dark Souls trilogy run. However that wasn’t enough for him he now has been attempting what’s known as the “God Run” for a while. This is where Hob plays through all 5 of the games in the “Soulsborne” series without taking a single hit. That’s Demon’s Souls, Dark Souls 1, 2 and 3, and Bloodborne. If Hob took any Damage He would start the entire series over again. This happened on his last run on an optional Demon’s Souls boss. He was trying to get the total number of bosses fought to 69.

Although this was a frustrating defeat, he wasn’t dissuaded from attempting again. Starting on March 19th It took Hob 3 days of Streaming to finally achieve his goal. He Started with Bloodborne and ended with Dark Souls 3. When the Soul of Cinder finally died, he accomplished something no one else has ever done. This was done the day before Fromsoft’s newest title Sekiro: Shadow’s Die Twice releases. Now I’m sure he wants to relax and play the new game for fun before training to add it to the list for the new God Run.

Check out The Happy Hob’s twice Channel here

and if you’re interested in seeing the ending of the run check out this Video:

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