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Streaming on PS4 does not require PlayStation Plus

by William Schwartz


Streaming or recording on PS4 does not require a subscription to PlayStation Plus, according to Sony’s Shuhei Yoshida. Following yesterday’s announcement that Microsoft’s Xbox One would require that you have an Xbox Live Gold account to access these features, fans wanted to see what Sony’s policy on this was.

Taking to Twitter, Sony’s Shuhei Yoshida clarified their stance on streaming and recording on the PS4. It turns out that, like many of the other features on the PS4, you will not need a premium subscription to access the functionality of the console.

Despite Sony offering a premium pay-to-play online network for the first time with the PlayStation 4, it’s sounding like there will be plenty for those who opt out of the service. Back in June, Sony clarified that there will plenty of content for the non-paying members of the PlayStation Network as well. Yoshida said that it will be publisher specific as to which games require you to have an online subscription for PlayStation Plus, but SOE games like Planetside 2 and DC Universe Online would not require you to have one.

We’re still waiting on word from Sony as to when we can expect the PS4 on store shelves. The time is getting near, heading into mid-August we’re just months away from the launch of the new console, but still no official word on when to expect the hardware. We do know it’s going to be $399, and those who haven’t already pre-ordered their PS4 might have a hard time finding one at launch.

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