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Street Fighter 5 Launching With 16 Characters, More Added By DLC Or Unlocking

by Damian Seeto


Street Fighter 5 will only be launching with 16 characters, but more will be added as DLC down the road.

Capcom made more exciting announcements about the game at the EVO 2015 event. The core roster will have 16 characters, four of them will be completely brand new. More characters are planned to be added post launch.

Here’s where things get interesting. Normally, you have to pay with real money to get additional DLC like the new characters. You can do this, or you can pay for the characters using in-game currency too. Essentially, you can get every character for free if you play the game long and hard enough.

The new characters in Street Fighter 5 will be added bit by bit over time. They won’t be just releasing characters in one huge bundle so people can purchase/get what they want. Balancing updates for the characters will also be free for very owner of the game as well.

This method has been seen as a great direction from many gamers. Capcom in the past usually required people to pay for new characters all of the time, even when the data for the DLC was built inside the disc already. This time, you could grind it out and pay the in-game currency to unlock all of the characters in Street Fighter 5.

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