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Street Fighter 5 Will Have A Simultaneous Release Date Worldwide

by Damian Seeto


Capcom has revealed that the release date for Street Fighter 5 will be out simultaneously worldwide.

As reported by EventHubs, Capcom’s own Yoshinori Ono and Tomoaki Ayano announced some exciting news in a stream from PlayStation Hong Kong.

Ayano revealed that the release date for Street Fighter 5 will be the same for everyone around the world. No region should be getting the game late. This might also mean that the game might come out on a Tuesday in Europe as well. Usually Europeans have to wait for a Friday for their game releases.

On some occasions, release dates for Japanese games are delayed for Westerners. We’ve seen this numerous times as it takes time to localize the game in English and more. This won’t be the case for Street Fighter 5 though which is still scheduled to be out in Spring 2016.

On a slightly related note, Square Enix recently revealed Final Fantasy XV will have a worldwide simultaneous release date as well. It looks like Japanese developers don’t want Western gamers to feel left out anymore.

Street Fighter 5 is the newest iteration of the long running fighting series. The game will launch with 16 fighters, with more being offered afterwards. It will be available for the PC and PS4.

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