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Street Fighter V Details Upcoming Team Versus Mode

by Jose Belmonte


Capcom has revealed the details of one of the most interesting features of the upcoming Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition and the free update for the original version. We are talking about the new ‘Team Versus’ mode, which lets up to five players to team up and fight against other groups of fans or the CPU. Inside the new game mode players will be able to choose their preferred configuration: from the type of battle progression to the level of health recovered between encounters.

Once inside the ‘Versus’ menu, the game will let us select the new option to play in groups, and once inside, we’ll be able to decide the configuration of the game. While one of the main attributes is the possibility of playing online with friends against other fans, the game lets us go completely single player, forming a group of up to five characters all controlled by one player, fighting against a team controlled by the CPU.

This is the list of features to be decided before starting a new game, via Capcom’s Unity Blog:

  • Number of Team Members
  • Match Format: Elimination/Best of Series
  • Vitality Recover
  • Retain EX Gauge
  • V-Gauge Advantage
  • Change Order
  • Throaway Matches
  • Round Setting
  • Match Time Settings
  • CPU Difficulty

Each player will also be able to select their V-Trigger before each match, letting them adapt their strategy to the next adversary. Aside of this mode, the new update adds a brand new arcade mode, featuring different routes inspired on previous games of the franchise.

Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition launches January 16, 2018 for PS4 and PC. The free update for the original version will be released on the same day.

- This article was updated on:March 8th, 2018

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