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Street Fighter V Adding Spain and Thailand Stages in May Updates


Street Fighter V is adding today and on May 30th some important new content, such as new stages, costumes, characters, and even a renewed Capcom Fighters Network. Some of those new DLC packages include the classic stages of Thailand and Spain which appeared for the first time in Street Fighter II. The Season 2 Character Pass will also grants players access to new fighters such as Ed, Akuma, and Kolin.

Starting with the content available from today, the classic Thailand stage, remastered and reimagined from its first appearance in Street Fighter II, is available for $3.99 or 70,000 Fight Money. There will also be a long list of new costumes available for $3.99 each, including work and school attires for some characters, a fire fighter costume for Alex, a cheerleader costume for R. Mika, or a secretary outfit for Chun-Li.

Season 2 Character Pass is also available now for $29.99 adding Akuma and Kolin to your roster today, and Ed and other fighters later in the year.

Precisely, Ed will become available in the update planned for May 30th, which will also add the classic Spain stage that can be climbed by Vega. The other big addition to the game is the renewed version of the Capcom Fighters Network, which will make some changes and fix some bugs regarding the rage quit penalty system, loading times entering online matches, training mode settings carrying over to the next time it’s accessed, more detailed stats to each fighter profile and more.

Some new features include the ability to follow other friends on the network or blacklist them, a new timeline of events that show a list of activities made by us or our friends, and new stats being announced by the in-game voice.

These additions will be included in the May 25th and May 30th updates of Street Fighter V. Check out the trailer presentation of Ed below.

SFV: Ed Reveal Trailer

- This article was updated on:March 8th, 2018

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