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Study Claims Xbox Live Is More Reliable Than The PSN

by Damian Seeto


An independent study has claimed that the Xbox Live service is more reliable than the PSN. This is according to a variety of factors that were tested.

Microsoft actually shared the results on the Xbox website, but the company stresses that this is not a paid endorsement. The study was done without the aid of Microsoft.

The study was conducted by IHS Markit and they tested out both the PSN and Xbox Live during the months of June and July 2016. The full report can be read by clicking here.

The report is quite long, but IHS Markit tested both services under three categories. The categories were Reliability, Speed and Overall quality.

In terms of reliability, they claim that Xbox Live is more reliable in allowing people to log-in and gaining access to the game servers. The speed test was similar to the reliability test.

Microsoft then posted: “Rated highest for network speed and reliability by an independent study, Xbox Live provides console gamers with the fastest, most dependable multiplayer experience possible. Whether it’s quick matchmaking or performance you can rely on, here’s why a better gaming network makes all the difference

It’s worth mentioning the results vary as only 5 of the best selling games were tested and the tests were only done in the USA and UK. Do you agree with the tests?

- This article was updated on:February 27th, 2018

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