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Super Bomberman R Gets “Significant Upgrade” Patch

by Darrin Wright


Konami has released a new patch for Super Bomberman R on the Nintendo Switch, which they say provides a “significant upgrade” to the game, however we’re not really sure just what that upgrade is.

In a statement released on the Super Bomberman R website, Konami simply states that the patch includes improvements that “should greatly refine the gameplay, control input and character controls, for both online and offline play.” This could mean they are addressing control lag issues reported during both online and offline battles, but Konami doesn’t specifically say that, so it’s anyone’s guess.

Oddly, although Konami is a Japanese company, North America has received the patch first, with Japan set to receive it Friday morning.

Super Bomberman R was part of the Nintendo Switch launch lineup, and many people picked it up due to the game’s nostalgia value — the series dates back all the way to the Nintendo Entertainment System — as well as its multiplayer possibilities.  We gave the game a try and came away from it with mixed feelings, as it does do what it needs to do as far as multiplayer goes, but also came across as shallow and, from a single-player perspective, uninteresting.

It seems that we weren’t alone in that regard, with the game getting middling reviews from others. It’s still been fairly successful, as far as sales are concerned.

Users sounding off about the game on Reddit have complained about the control issues, with most calling them flat-out “horrible,” as well as the game’s camera angle. While this patch probably doesn’t do much for the camera (although there is a fixed camera option in the game’s settings menu), hopefully this will make Super Bomberman R a little more playable for those having problems.

Have you had any problems playing Super Bomberman R? Are there any other issues you want Konami to fix within the game? Let us know in the comments below!


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