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Super Mario Inspired Platformer Ayo The Clown on Kickstarter

by Joshua Evans


If you are looking for an absolutely bizarre platformer, and you don’t have crippling coulrphobia, then Ayo The Clown may just be worth a glace or two. Just recently showing up on Kickstarter, Ayo The Clown looks like Super Mario, if the entire development team decided that sanity was a minor suggestion at best. I mean, the trailer includes a clown driving a tank. If that is not considered true art, then the world has gone mad. Developer Cloud M1 Games have set the Kickstarter goal to 30,000 and included a pre alpha demo to help show interested parties what insanity they are contemplating funding.

According to the Ayo The Clown Kickstarter page, such insanity includes rescuing a clown dog, flying a helicopter (sans license, as apparently Ayo would never pass), customization options the page itself describes as fabulous, collectible clown comic books, secrets, and an adorable art style. Also there is a screenshot of a world made entirely out of desserts to frolic excitedly through, which is almost as amazing as the aforementioned clown tank bit from the trailer. There are plenty of other screenshots showing off many facets of the game, including some of the bosses and characters. Most importantly the levels and obstacles get some screenshot love as well. Because what is a platformer with out interesting places and things to platform? A walking simulator. That is what it would be.

All in all, the game looks rather fascinating, and defiantly worth a glance or two for those not terrified of clowns. Even the little blurbs under the screenshots ooze character and humour. Ayo the Clown wears it’s influences on it’s clown sleeve whilst trying something different and fun. Plus, the world could use a game with a clown that is not absolutely terrifying for once. Check out the Kickstarter page when you have got a chance.

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