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Super Mario Maker 2 Adds Super Mario 3D World Style With Cat Mario

The underrated gem from Wii U.

by Dean James


Super Mario Maker 2 was announced earlier this year and had fans ready to use their creative juices to build all new kinds of stages with the new features available in the sequel. Nintendo announced earlier this week that they were holding a Super Mario Maker 2 Nintendo Direct and it has revealed a brand new style that people have been much requesting in the past with Super Mario 3D World.

Super Mario 3D World was a one of the most underrated Mario games in the series that released on the Wii U, taking the classic side-scrolling mechanics and mixing it in a 3D plane. Super Mario Maker 2 is adding this style, though still keeping things within the regular level design that the other styles utilize. This means it won’t be exactly like Super Mario 3D World, but still has the look you recognize from that game.

You couldn’t have Super Mario 3D World as a style without adding Cat Mario as a power up and Super Mario Maker 2 doesn’t disappoint. Cat Mario allows you to climb up walls, which should be a lot of fun to mess around with in different stages.

Super Mario Maker is also adding other Super Mario 3D World related things, such as Pom Pom as an enemy you can place in stages. It will be great to see what all Nintendo puts together from this Wii U gem that hopefully will lead to use getting it ported to Nintendo Switch eventually as well.

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