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Super Mario Maker 2 Will Have Night Levels with Weird Mechanics

Vary up the gameplay with these new Night stages.

by Dylan Siegler


There are a lot of new features that will be become available in Super Mario Maker 2 that weren’t there in the first game. One of these new features is the infamous Angry Sun, and to balance it out, there will also be an option to add a benevolent Moon.

In a recent Super Mario Maker 2 Direct presentation, Nintendo revealed that players building their own stages will be able to add a Moon to their levels. Like the Angry Sun, the Moon will swoop back and forth across the stage. However, whereas the Angry Sun hurts Mario, the Moon will wipe out all the enemies on the screen once touched. Utilizing this Moon will also turn the stage into a Night level, which will add a strange effect, depending on the Theme of your stage.

If it’s Night in a Ground-themed stage, Goombas will float. Underground stages will be turned upside-down at Night. Ghost House stages will be less illuminated if it’s Night. Sky-themed stages will have reduced gravity at Night. Desert stages will experience sandstorms at Night, while Snow stages will get even slipperier. At Night, water in Forest stages will become poisonous. Lastly, some items will change at Night, such as Mushrooms becoming dangerous Rotten Mushrooms.

Super Mario Maker 2 is set to launch on June 28.

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