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Super Mario Odyssey Release Date Revealed in New T-Rex Filled Trailer

by Kyle Hanson


Super Mario Odyssey finally has a set release date, arriving on October 27th for Nintendo Switch. This nugget of info was revealed at the end of a brand new trailer as part of the Nintendo E3 Showcase. The show was packed with big announcements, but Super Mario Odyssey was saved for last, and it was a great finisher, with a new trailer full of awesome gameplay and…a T-Rex?

Yes, you weren’t hallucinating, Super Mario Odyssey will have a T-Rex in it. How that will fit into New Donk City isn’t quite clear, but what the trailer made very clear is that this is a great looking new Mario game. You can check the whole thing out below, and pay attention to the catchy music and colorful world. This is true Mario and it’s better looking and sounding than ever.

Super Mario Odyssey is a big shift for the series, bringing it back to the open world gameplay style that was first pioneered in Super Mario 64. This style hasn’t been seen in quite a while, with Super Mario Galaxy and Super Mario 3D World offering more concise levels with a small overworld.

Odyssey hits Nintendo Switch on October 27th.

Super Mario Odyssey E3 Trailer

- This article was updated on:March 8th, 2018

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