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Super Mario Run Android Release Date Notification Available Now

by Kyle Hanson


Super Mario Run is a massive hit already, but it is currently only available on iPhone. Those on Android, which make up the vast majority of smartphone users, have been left out in the cold by Nintendo. That should be ending soon, though we have no official word on exactly when that might happen. However, those who are anxiously anticipating the Super Mario Run release date can now set it up so that they are notified when the game hits the Google Play Store.

Just click here and click on the big “pre-register” button. That should set you up so that when Super Mario Run for Android releases, you get a nice mobile notification or email. Of course, there’s no chance of the game selling out or anything, but it’ll be nice to know that you will be among the first to download and play the hugely popular title.

Super Mario Run is an endless runner game, taking the iconic Mario world and simplifying it a bit to work on a mobile phone. Mario runs at a constant pace and it’s up to the player to tap whenever he needs to jump. The big challenge is in collecting all the coins on the level, which are split into various sets that help unlock stuff in the game.

While Nintendo was extremely hesitant to release any of their popular properties on mobile phones, the two biggest releases have both been massive successes. Pokemon Go wasn’t developed directly by Nintendo, but they have benefited from its popularity, which surged soon after release and has maintained a steady audience of millions of players. Super Mario Run was the first true mobile game from Nintendo after testing the waters with Miitomo. While most assumed it would be a hit, few could have guessed just how big of one it became.

Super Mario Run is a free download and costs $9.99 to unlock the rest of the experience. It is available now on iOS and should be coming soon to Android.

- This article was updated on:March 8th, 2018

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