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Super Mario Run Downloaded 37 Million Times During Launch Week

by Mike Guarino


Last week saw the highly anticipated release of Super Mario Run on iOS, and the game was unsurprisingly a massive success right off the bat. The game was downloaded nearly 3 million times on its first day of release, though now we’re getting numbers regarding how the game has sold during its first official launch week. The game has been downloaded a staggering 37 million times so far, and it hasn’t even been available for a full week yet.

This information comes from App Annie, which marks the game’s download numbers as being over 37 million since the game launched last Thursday. Out of all the regions that the game launched in, the game was easily the most popular in the US with 11 million downloads. This is definitely thanks to the massive marketing push that the game received, which had constant adds on Apple’s App Store and allowed users to sign up to be notified as soon as the game went live.

As for the actual breakdown of how often and how long buyers are playing the game each day, buyers are playing a couple of times each day and spending about 5 minutes in each play session. Those playing on tablets have been playing for longer sessions than those on their phones, which makes sense as tablet users are more likely to be in a dedicated location rather than on the go.

Despite the success that the game has enjoyed so far there are still some concerns when it comes to the game’s staying power, which largely has to do with the game’s pricing model. There has been some backlash regarding the game’s $10 price tag, especially seeing as the game only allows you to play 3 of the game’s 24 levels for free. SuperData recently downgraded their sales projection for the game as a result, and even claimed that they expect a price drop after the holidays.

- This article was updated on:March 8th, 2018

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