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Super Meat Boy gets Super Cover Art

by William Schwartz


Super Meat Boy is a phenomenon, I’m just gonna put that out there.  It’s a helluva fun game, and it’s been out for quite some time now.  It’s available on a number of services like Xbox Live Arcade and Steam, but Team Meat has Special Edition Copy of the game that is coming soon and available at the company’s web site after the new year.  The Special Edition will include a behind the scenes look at Team Meat, and some super art work (above).

Team Meat:

Obviously an homage to the hyper realistic box art of yesteryear, Dave did an impeccable job at recapturing the early 90s of box art greatness and i applaud him on his talents!

This cover will be placed on our upcoming PC boxed release that will be printed and sold independently through our site. This “Special Edition” pc version will feature the exact same game as you’ve played on steam, but it will also come packed with special features like behind the scenes videos, design sketches, illustrations and never before scene cutting room floor characters, art and the like.

We hope to have the printed version out by the end of Jan. after the level editor is out, it will probably sell for around 20-25 bucks depending on the final price of the printing.

- This article was updated on:March 7th, 2018

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