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Super Smash Bros. Provides Eight Costumes For All Fighters

by Dean James


The upcoming Super Smash Bros. looks to be expanding on everything we’ve had in the past, from the roster number to the number of features. One other piece of the game that has been teased over time are the number of alternate costumes for characters in the game, and even though it was mentioned in leaks, Masahiro Sakurai has confirmed through Miiverse that every fighter in the game will have eight total costumes, though some are just palette swaps it appears.

  • Pic of the day. Until now, you were only able to choose from four, or sometimes five or six colors for each character. This time, though, all characters have eight colors to choose from! The first four color schemes for Samus are based off her Varia Suit, Fusion Suit, Gravity Suit from Super Metroid, and the Dark Suit.


  • …And here she is in the color schemes of the Gravity Suit from Metroid Prime, Green Samus (a regular in the Smash series), the Light Suit, and Dark Samus. A total of eight colors.

Sakurai also showed off the other four costumes that Villager can use in the game as well.


  • You can choose between four male and four female Villagers to play with. The designs for their faces and clothes are different. And here are the four Villagers we haven’t shown you yet.

With the game releasing in Japan very soon, we will know soon the full lineup of costumes available in the game for each character, though it appears all will be available from the start for each character rather than being unlockable.

- This article was updated on:March 7th, 2018

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