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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Update 2.0.0 Adds Piranha Plant and Short Hop Changes

Full details and patch notes

by Kyle Hanson


Super Smash Bros. Ultimate update 2.0.0 has rolled out, along with full patch notes that break down this massive update. To get the big question out of the way, yes Piranha Plant is included, according to the patch notes. If you’ve redeemed your Piranha Plant code prior to now, you should receive the character for free. Those who wish to purchase the character will be able to do so at a later time.

What else is included in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate update 2.0.0? A lot, actually. For one, there is now an easy and reliable way to short hop, a key maneuver used to perform air attacks quickly and efficiently. Hitting both jump buttons at the same time will pull off the previous tough to understand move. You can read about most of the other major changes with the patch notes, but more detail is shared elsewhere, including the short hop changes.

There you will find every tiny alteration made to the game in version 2.0.0. Tons of characters have been impacted, so your favorite might be included. Make sure to run through the list to see what else might have been changed.

Due to this update being release, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate will be down for maintenance for the next couple of hours. The estimated time to go live again is around 10:30pm Eastern. You’ll then be able to get on, get the update, and play online once again.

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