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SUPERHOT is Coming to PlayStation Soon

by Dylan Siegler


It was recently announced on the official PlayStation blog that the critically acclaimed first-person shooter SUPERHOT will be making its way to PlayStation 4 and PlayStation VR very soon. There still isn’t an official release date, but a trailer shown at E3 confirmed that the game will be coming to PS4 and PSVR this summer. Even more recently, Tom Kaczmarczyk, the producer of the game, stated in the PlayStation blog that the game will come out on the PS4 and PSVR in “just a few short weeks!”

For those who don’t know, SUPERHOT is a new kind of shooter that uses an interesting mechanic. Everything in the game (your enemies, bullets, even time itself) only moves when you do. If you stop moving, so does everything else. But when you move, so do your enemies. Additionally, everything will only move at the speed of which you move. So if you move slowly, so will the bullets coming at you, giving you an opportunity to dodge them in slow-motion. As seen in the E3 trailer, the game has received tons of accolades and awards. If you are not a PlayStation user, the game is also currently available for Xbox One, PC, Mac and Linux. Check out AOTF’s reviews of SUPERHOT and SUPERHOT VR.

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