‘Sword Art Online: Memory Defrag’ Gets A Western Release

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Based on the popular anime of the same name, ‘Sword Art Online: Memory Defrag’ published by Bandai Namco is available now in North America.  Originally released last August in Japan, the new action RPG comes to the West featuring fans’ favorite characters, such as, Kirito who is capable of Duel Wielding doubling the attack of his enemies, Asuna controlling the Rapier weapon aiming for a direct hit.  Next comes Leafa demonstrating her remarkable combat skills using a One-Handed Sword.

Making an appearance in the second season of Sword Art Online, Sinon targets her foes with a single gun.  A side-story character in the anime series, Lisabeth is a renown blacksmith who uses a club to tackle unwanted antagonists.  Another side-story character Silica takes the stage attacking rivals with her short sword.  Klein a friend of Kirito, swings his katana around destroying monsters, trailing behind are Seven a magic user and Rain, Seven’s older sister shooting down the bad guys with a bow.

Players are allowed to choose their characters and weapons freely depending on the situation.  In addition, both new comers and avid fans can also enjoy the game as it contains cut scenes from the anime story as well as a brand new original storyline.  Gamers also have to the option to play in single mode or with friends in multiplayer mode in real-time of course, training and planning a clever strategy to take down monstrous beasts.  With an engaging plot and addictive battle system, players will be immersed in this virtual tale.

Based on virtual reality gaming, Sword Art Online is a Japanese light novel released in 2009.  Eventually splitting into various mediums like manga, anime, film, and video games.  The story follows main character Kirito who is chosen as a beta tester for an upcoming game and soon finds himself literally inside the digital world.  Accompanied by Asuna a highly skilled player assisting Kirito as they meet other allies and together they explore the open world full of evil monsters and enemies lurking about.  Sword Art Online: Memory Defrag is available now for both iOS and Android platforms.


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