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System Shock 3 Officially Enters Development; Dev Team Revealed

by Mike Guarino


Development of System Shock 3 has officially gone underway, as OtherSide Entertainment has made the announcement while also revealing the game’s development team. Fans of the series will be happy to know that the game is in good hands, including people from the original games and even Deus Ex.

Leading the pack is Warren Spector, who was the producer for the first game in the series. He’s followed by Deus Ex and Invisible War lead writer Sheldon Pacotti (design director); Wing Commander and Epic Mickey alum Jason Hughes (tech director); and rounding it all out are people from the original games including creative director Paul Neurathm, art director Nate Wells, lead designer Tim Stellmach and director Doug Church.

Fans of the original game will also be pleased to know that the voice actress for SHODAN, Terri Brosius, will also be returning for the third installment in the series.

While there currently isn’t an official release date, System Shock 3 is aiming for a 2017 release. We’re still waiting for more information on all of the platforms it will be releasing on (definitely PC), as well as whether or not it ends up supporting VR as was previously rumored.

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