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System Shock 3 Releases Teaser Trailer

SHODAN is back with new monsters.

by Jordan Kamm


Otherside Entertainment has recently released a teaser trailer for their upcoming game System Shock 3 at this years GDC. The company Otherside Entertainment is made of of industry veterans who worked on the original System Shock Games, as well as the Ultima Underworld, and Thief series. System Shock also spawned the spin-off series Bioshock. They have come together to create a new game in the beloved series.

System Shock is a first-person cyberpunk horror series with heavy RPG elements. The games have players fight through enemy mutants, cyborgs, aliens, and a Crazed AI super computer named SHODAN. SHODAN is known for taunting and mocking the player over the player’s communicator as they progress through the various levels trying to ultimately try and stop her.  The series ends on a prominent cliffhanger, leaving players unsure whether SHODAN was actually defeated or not.

In the trailer for System Shock 3, surprising no one, we are shown that SHODAN has survived the events of the previous games and is continuing on with her biological experiments. The aesthetic of the game is looking appropriately creepy, and SHODAN looks like she will once again be a delightfully horrible antagonist.

There isn’t any additional information given with the trailer, but it seems like more news will start rolling out after this announcement.

you can watch the trailer here:

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