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Tales Of Asteria: Eden Of Reminiscence Announced

by Mike Guarino


A new entry in the mobile spin-off Tales of Asteria series has been announced, with Bandai Namco announcing today the release of Tales of Asteria: Eden of Reminiscence. The game is set to launch in Japan at some point later this year, though we’re still waiting on release information for other regions. You can see the game in action through the video at the bottom of this post.

Eden of Reminiscence is a translation of the Japanese title Tsuioku no Eden, and it will once again feature characters that span the entirety of the series’ long history. However, there are some newcomers that will be joining in on the fun for the latest go around, as this year’s Tales of Berseria star, Velvet Crowe, will be featured in the game. Fans of the series’ Tales of Symphonia will also be happy to hear that the developers have added in that game’s Colette Brunel, as well.

There’s much more information that will be coming soon, as the brief video that came with the announcement only features cinematics. However, it’s likely that it will feature gameplay that is similar to that of the first game, which was still turn-based combat that was simplified for mobile gaming. That game had characters from the series hunting for an item called the Star Shard, which has the power to grant any wish. You controlled Cress, Lloyd, Luke, Yuri, Sophie, and Milla throughout that adventure, with the characters sometimes getting along and other times not. It sounds crazy, but the plot itself is actually written by the main Tales series staff.

Tales of Berseria launched exclusively for PlayStation 4 earlier this year, and marked a fine return to form for the series after the slightly-underwhelming Tales of Zestiria. We had a lot of fun with Berseria when we covered it, giving it 4/5 stars in our review.

- This article was updated on:March 8th, 2018

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