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Tales from the Borderlands Cast and Crew Look Back on the Series

by Kyle Hanson


Tales from the Borderlands is, sadly, all over (unless Telltale makes a Season 2 like they should). Episode 5 brought the series to its epic conclusion in fantastic fashion, offering up some of the best story, humor, and action moments in the entire series. Now Telltale has put together a short video with the cast and crew, letting them discuss the origins and ultimate outcome of the whole experience.

Starting out with the decision of when to set Tales from the Borderlands within the larger narrative of the entire franchise, the video goes into great depth on almost every aspect of the series. You get to hear from Telltale staff, along with many members of the voice cast such as Ashley Johnson, Troy Baker, and Laura Bailey.

It’s especially great to get to see the cast interact with each other behind the scenes, getting an idea of how the environment was while making Tales from the Borderlands. On top of this you get to hear from the crew that worked so hard putting the game together. Hearing about how much they worried about fans’ reactions to this game is pretty great, giving you an idea of how much everyone who worked on Tales from the Borderlands cared about the overall impact of the game.

Tales from the Borderlands – ‘All Good Things…’ – Retrospective Interview

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