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Tales Of Zestiria Spotted For PS4 On Dutch Retailer


Tales fans might have to upgrade their pre-orders if a recent listing on a Dutch retailer is true. The listing shows that the upcoming Tales Of Zestiria is scheduled to arrive on PlayStation 4.

Tales Of Zestiria is the next entry in the long line of Tales JRPG titles from Bandai Namco Entertainment. The image above shows Dutch retailer NedGame listing the JRPG as coming to PlayStation 4. This wouldn’t come as such as surprise since how popular the PlayStation 4 is right now and it would likely not be a hard port to do. Another interesting aspect is that it lists September 25th as a release date which would be a Friday which seems to be in line with European release dates and if the game releases the same week in the US it would put a North American release at September 22nd.

It should also be noted that Dutch Retailer, NedGame has since taken down the listing which was likely due to an order from Bandai Namco themselves. Hopefully, we will find out a release date and more information on a potential PlayStation 4 port at E3 which is now about a month and a half away. If anything will be announced it would be there.

Tales Of Zestiria is announced to release Q3 2015 for PlayStation 3.

- This article was updated on:March 8th, 2018

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