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Target will make good on PS4 pre-orders

by William Schwartz


Target has confirmed that it will indeed be honoring PS4 pre-orders for those who had purchased the Watch Dogs or Drive Club bundles. Following the delay of the two games, initial reports suggested that Target would be cancelling the pre-orders outright, but apparently, those customers will get their consoles at launch AND a $100 gift card.

“We apologize for your recent experience. We are working on a solution that will ensure you receive the video game console you pre-ordered. Unfortunately, we will not be able to fulfill the bundled video game portion of your order due to publishing delays. You will receive an email tomorrow with further directions on how to confirm your order.

We are committed to shipping your game console by the date on your original order. Additionally, we are emailing you a $100 Target eGiftCard for your inconvenience.”

Good news for those fans who placed their money down at the retailer to secure their consoles at launch, the bad news is, these games are still not coming out this year. The 11th hour delays of these popular titles has given fans plenty to complain about over the last week. Watch Dogs was one of the most-anticipated games of the year for the PS4, and had been heavily advertised as launch game for the system. The absence of Drive Club also weakens the launch line-up for the system.

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