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Tearaway On Sale For $15 at Best Buy and Amazon


Tearaway has received rave reviews as being a must-own game for the Vita. It makes use of all of the system’s advanced tech to provide an experience you can’t get anywhere else. Now, Vita owners who were waiting for it to be a PS+ release have a fantastic reason to not wait until then – it’s only $15 at two major retailers. Best Buy started the savings early on Saturday, and then Amazon price-matched later. This sale price is only good for the physical version on each site, so if you want the digital download version, you’ll have to pay full price. In an odd move, Best Buy’s offering up the used version for more than the brand-new version as well. Normally priced at $40, this is the lowest price yet for Tearaway. Anyone who hasn’t been able to check the title out should absolutely do so with this deal.

The only hard decision here should be which retailer to go with. Amazon will give you free 2-day shipping if you’re a Prime member, but if you’ve got some money stowed away in Paypal, you should go with Best Buy. Shipping at BB is only $2 for it so it’s quite reasonable for the convenience of going with Paypal as long as you don’t mind waiting a bit longer to receive it. The Vita seems like it’s on the rebound after a couple of rough years sales-wise, so if you want to check out one of its showcase games, now’s your best chance to do so and still show the devs some love by buying it new instead of waiting for a PS+ release.

- This article was updated on:March 8th, 2018

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