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Techland Reveal Their Top 10 Dying Light Mods

by William Schwartz


Techland has recently put together an official Top 10 list of Dying Light mods created by the community.

This is the first highlight reel Techland have made to highlight their favourite user created mods: although they mention that this is only “to date”. With mod tools available for PC gamers, Dying Light is set to only improve. Games such as The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim and, more recently, Grand Theft Auto V, have greatly benefited from fan created mods, to add content to the game.

For Skyrim gamers have even added in entirely new regions for players to explore, massively extending the base game. Hopefully at least some of that passion for driving fan content can flow over to Dying Light. From the Top 10 mods list that Techland has correlated things certainly look positive!

All Dying Light players on PC automatically have the free modding tools at their disposal. To download the tools simply open Steam, go to Library, select Tools and the scroll down until you find the Dying Light Developer Tools. Techland has confirmed that they plan to “regularly expand and update the Developer Tools with new features, assets and functionalities so all users are encouraged to share their feedback and suggestions”.

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