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Tekken 7 Arcade Release Date Set For February 2015

by Damian Seeto


The console release date for Tekken 7 is unknown yet, but people will be happy to know the arcade version of the game is coming in February 2015.

Avoiding The Puddle did some digging around showcasing that numerous Japanese media reporting that Tekken 7 is due in Japanese arcades in February 2015. The news is only confirmation for Japan right now. There has been no mention if the arcades will make their way to other countries. Hopefully they will come elsewhere considering the popularity of the Tekken franchise.

There was also some information that Bandai Namco are considering making a Time Crisis 5. The on-rails shooting series has been dormant for many years, so it’s great to see a comeback of sorts. There is not much info on this game yet though but it will come out in March 2015 in Japanese arcades. also posted several images of Tekken 7’s arcade catalog. Unfortunately, most of the images that were shared were all in Japanese text. I am unable to decipher the text, but it’s possible it features the same info that was revealed about the game during the location tests that were held earlier this month.

From the images released, I can tell that Tekken 7 will still have a large emphasis on character customization. This has been a staple of the series since Tekken 5.

- This article was updated on:October 20th, 2014

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