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Tekken 7 Arcade Machines Will Arrive In USA Events After All

by Damian Seeto


There was a bit of a scare last month that Tekken 7 arcade machines wouldn’t make it to future events in the USA. It looks like it has all been sorted now.

Madcatz was robbed in Seattle back in April which contained the arcade keys for Tekken 7. Madcatz’s community manager, Mark Julio, apologized on Twitter and feared the arcade machines would be missing several upcoming events in the USA. Bandai Namco came to his rescue and more arcade machines will be brought over after all.

Mark Julio now tweeted that Tekken 7 will be at the Texas Showdown event. Texas Showdown is a big fighting game tournament that is happening next weekend. Texan fans should be happy that they can now get to play the game.

Mark Julio also mentioned that Texas Showdown will be getting an updated version of Tekken 7. This will include the likes of Jin, Devil Jin, Josie Rizal & Gigas. These are the four new characters that have been added to the game. The arcade version originally only launched with 20 playable characters. There are now 24 playable characters.

The good news continues as Tekken 7 will also be making its way to the Combo Breaker tournament in Chicago. This event is being held on May 22nd until May 24th.

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