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Tekken 7’s Final Boss Is Now A New Playable Character

by Damian Seeto


The final boss for Tekken 7 will now become a playable character in the near future.

Bandai Namco announced earlier today that Kazumi Mishima will be playable now in Tekken 7. She was previously only seen as the final boss for the game. Now, you will be able to control her.

Kazumi Mishima is the wife of Heihachi and the mother of Kazuya. She also serves as the grand mother to Jin as well. Kazumi is the character that possessed the devil gene. This of course was passed onto Kazuya and Jin.

Kazumi had been talked about in the previous games, but she was never revealed until now. There’s not a lot of details on the actual story of Tekken 7 right now, but we can be sure that the console versions will explain more on it. The arcade version is just a straight up fighting game and doesn’t give much backstory.

Kazumi Mishima could arguably be the coolest character in Tekken 7. Not only does she have killer combos, she also has a tiger friend that she can summon during battle too.

Hopefully by the time E3 2015 rolls around next month, Bandai Namco finally confirms a console version for Tekken 7.

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