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Telltale Games Reveals New CEO

by Dylan Siegler


Telltale Games has been increasingly successful and popular over the past few years after creating such interactive stories as The Walking DeadThe Wolf Among Us and Tales from the Borderlands among many others. The company recently announced that, after searching for several months, they have found a new CEO.

Dan Connors, one of the company’s co-founders, was its first CEO from 2004 to 2015, according to Venture Beat. Once Connors stepped down, another co-founder Kevin Bruner took his place. Bruner himself left the position earlier this year, causing Connors to take over again until a new permanent CEO could be found. Telltale finally settled recently on Pete Hawley, who has worked for several video game companies over the years.

Hawley’s resume includes working for Lionhead Studios (from 1999-2003), Sony (2003-2005), Electronic Arts/Criterion (2005-2010), Crowdstar (2010-2011), Red Robot Labs (2011-2013) and Zynga (2013-2017). Connors will remain on Telltale’s board of directors to ease the transition. Hawley reportedly doesn’t plan on making big changes to the company, stating, “A big mistake would be to come in and vastly change or wreck what is going well. I have respect for the teams and the work that Dan [Connors] and Kevin [Bruner] have done. It is a friendly pass of the baton.”

Other board members appear optimistic about the change in leadership. John Riccitiello, Telltale’s chairman of the board, states, “Telltale is one of those places where you would like to have a content creator as CEO, and Pete [Hawley] has that experience. Kevin and Dan invented a new medium with episodic narrative gaming. Pete has a strong vision for where the industry is going. He is a hands-on, driven guy who will execute and get us to where we want to be.” Another board member and Lionsgate CEO Jon Feltheimer says, “Pete Hawley is widely regarded as a forward-looking executive with a strong grasp of where the interactive entertainment business is heading.” Hawley begins his new position on Monday, September 18.

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