TGS 2015: PS4 Price Drop Announced For Japan, Will Others Countries Follow?

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The PS4 is approaching its two year anniversary in the US, though it debuted in the US a few months ahead of its Japanese release. With TGS going on this week, Sony just held their own conference and revealed that the PS4 was going to be getting a price drop in Japan.

As announced as the very end of Sony’s TGS conference, the PS4 has now gotten a price drop to 34980 yen. The previous price for the PS4 in Japan was 39,980, so it saw a drop of what would be nearly the equivalent of $42 based on current exchange rates.

While often Japan will see a price drop of something that never happens elsewhere, could this be a sign of a PS4 price drop in other countries?

For the time being, I’d say we probably won’t be seeing a price drop in the US in the near future, as the console still continues to sell like crazy at the price of $399.

If you are having absolutely no problem selling your console at $399, with a less than stellar holiday lineup of exclusives last year and this year, why would you reduce the price?

At some point, Sony may decide to drop it to really make anybody looking to jump to current-gen and eyeing the cheaper Xbox One think twice. Either way, I don’t see this happening quite yet in the US, but it’s really hard to predict just what Sony will do.

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