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The Classes of Battlefield 3 Detailed


So you can’t wait to get your hands on Battlefield 3, I hear you, we can’t either.  I had the opportunity to play the game at E3 2011, but it was more of a tease than a proper demo.  As deep a multiplayer experience that Battlefield brings, its hard to take it all in within 15 minutes of gameplay.  The PlayStation 3 Magazine kindly provided this infographic about the four character classes of Battlefield 3 Multiplayer, their typical loadouts, and best abilities.

Assault Class:
Typical Loadout: M-16a2 Rifle, Med Kit, Defibrillators
Best Used For: Assaulting Objectives and providing support for other front-line players

Typical Loadout: M4 Carbine, SMAW Anti-tank launcher, vehicle repair tool
Best Used For: Taking out enemy vehicles, blowing holes in cover, repairing friendlies.

Recon Class:
Typical Loadout: MKII Sniper Rifle with 6x Scope, C4 Pack
Best Used For: Providing support from a distance by sniping and spotting enemies.

Support Class:
Typical Loadout: M249 Light Machine Gun, Ammo Kit
Best Used For: Laying down suppressing fire to allow other players to move up.

Battlefield 3 is set to release worldwide this October with a multiplayer beta scheduled for September.

- This article was updated on:May 16th, 2017

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