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The Deadpool Movie Finds Its Film Composer

by Damian Seeto


20th Century Fox has found a composer to work on the film score for the upcoming Deadpool movie.

Junkie XL (Tom Holkenborg) just tweeted out on his official Twitter account that he starts work on the score for the Deadpool movie this Monday.

Junkie XL has been in demand in Hollywood recently. Not only is he working on Deadpool, but he’s also working with Hans Zimmer on the score for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice too. The pair also worked on The Amazing Spider-Man 2 last year as well.

Zimmer needed a bit of help on the score for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice mainly because he already worked on Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy. He probably didn’t want the music sounding too similar since he’s scoring the same character.

20th Century Fox appear to be making all the right moves for the Deadpool movie. This is after they butchered the character back in 2009 with the release of X-Men Origins: Wolverine. Thankfully that timeline has all been erased.

The movie will be out in North American cinemas on February 12th, 2015. Much to the delight of fans, it will be rated R. The film won’t by shy on the violence and humor that the comics are renowned for.

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