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The Evil Within Trailer Teaches You How to Survive

by Kyle Hanson


The new trailer for The Evil Within titled “Every Last Bullet” revels in the game’s return to classic survival-horror mechanics. Explaining how the game will limit ammo and combat mechanics causing tension as you have to flee for your life from otherwise disposable enemies. Combining this with deadly traps and an ever-changing environmental landscape will create a truly terrifying experience for fans of the genre.

Learn the basics of surviving as Detective Sebastian Castellanos in our new video, Every Last Bullet.

The Evil Within comes from Resident Evil creator Shinji Mikami and is said to be a true return to form for the designer who essentially invented the survival-horror genre. With so many franchises moving more toward action over truly frightening gameplay The Evil Within has been highly anticipated for the chance to get back to basics. Powerful enemies can be scary, but not if you have a machine gun to destroy them with. This is why trailers like this one are so exciting for fans looking to dive back into survival-horror with this game.

Despite a few delays and release date changes it looks like we are right around the corner from The Evil Within finally hitting store shelves. The game has “gone gold” and we already have the install and PC requirements to check out.

The Evil Within will hit PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, and PX on October 14th.

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