The First Elden Ring No Death Speedrun Has Been Completed in 2 Hours

But can we do it with a Guitar Hero controller?

by Diego Perez


In news that should surprise absolutely nobody, someone has already completed Elden Ring without dying a single time in just over two hours. For as massive as Elden Ring is, this speedrun completion time is impressive on its own, but not dying at all throughout the entire process is another thing entirely. Some of Elden Ring’s bosses are particularly deadly, with a lot of late-game encounters killing you in just one or two hits even with good gear and stats. You’d usually have to spend hours upon hours exploring The Lands Between to level up and acquire better weapons, but some people are all about speed.

The First No Death Elden Ring Speedrun is Here

An Elden Ring speedrunner by the name of not niko bellic has managed to beat the entirety of Elden Ring in 2 hours and 35 minutes without a single death. The full 2 and a half hour speedrun can be seen below, but it contains major spoilers for Elden Ring. Don’t watch it if you haven’t beaten the game yet.

FromSoftware speedrunners are nothing new, but Elden Ring is such a huge game and it’s only been out for a little over a week, making this run all the more impressive. The route taken by not niko bellic skips a lot of bosses and employs some creative skips with Torrent, and it’s only a matter of time before other speedrunners improve upon the route and reach the Elden Ring finale even faster. Just like Breath of the Wild speedruns, Elden Ring speedruns likely still have a long way to go before the community decides upon the best strategies and routes.

In the coming weeks, expect to see even more Elden Ring speedrun news come out as players familiarize themselves with The Lands Between. A no-hit run will inevitably be attempted, but Elden Ring’s dodge windows are especially punishing, so it could be quite some time before someone manages to accomplish that feat. This run also skips the majority of the game’s bosses, so a no death run that involves more boss fights has yet to be done either.

Elden Ring is an absolutely massive game with secrets tucked into every nook and cranny of its world, which is why we gave it such high praise in our review, stating “From Software upped the ante, surpassing even their best efforts that we saw with Sekiro Shadows Die Twice in terms of world-building.  Elden Ring is an absolute must-play game for 2022, but set aside some time and some patience.” While speedrunners seem to have the game mostly figured out, you can check out our Elden Ring guides for assistance on your journey to becoming the Elden Lord.

Elden Ring is available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S.

- This article was updated on March 8th, 2022

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