The Hogwarts Legacy Modding Community Is Ogre-whelmed With This Hilarious New Broom Mod

"What are you doing in my SWAMP!?" - Says the Broom to the Wizarding World.

by Gordon Bicker

Hogwarts Legacy players on PC will no doubt be looking for even more ways to customize their experience with mods after working through the main story in the beautifully designed world. One budding modder has certainly perhaps found a way to make the game even more memorable for years to come thanks to a mod that has been taking the community by storm. Navigating through mods for Hogwarts Legacy can take time but there are many gems to be found.

Someone on TikTok by the name of ‘Superswoldier’ had posted about their experience with a Broom mod that transforms their Broom into a certain well-known individual. To be precise, that individual is indeed a full Shrek character to ride on and yes…it looks just as crazy as it sounds. The positioning of the character sitting on their new Broom is, to say the least, not the most PG-13. Either way, it is still absolutely hilarious to watch the shimmering green skin of Shrek dashing by in a blaze of glory among the skies in the Wizarding World.

To make it even better, the TikToker overlayed the Never Ending Story theme song acrossthe visuals of Shrek gliding gracefully around Hogwarts Castle’s lakes and hilltops. Similar to Thomas the Tank engine mods being in many RPGs, Shrek also makes similar appearances throughout the gaming world and many of us are very thankful for that. All of the Swamps across the Wizarding World suddenly feel a whole lot safer now.

For those curious to learn more about the Hogwarts Legacy Shrek mod itself then it can be found through this link and is created by NorskPL and uploaded on Nexus Mods. You can do as you’d please with that information, whether you want to stay away from it with a bargepole or simply want to add it to your game as quickly as possible. Anything is possible with a little bit of Shrek in your life.

Hogwarts Legacy is available at this very moment for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.

- This article was updated on February 14th, 2023