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The Last of Us Part II Just Wrapped Shooting Its Final Scene

Be ready to cry all over again.

by Dean James


The Last of Us released in the summer of 2013 as one of the last major PS3 exclusives ahead of the release of the PS4 later that year. It has been looking like its sequel could have the same sort of role ahead of the release of the PS5, which we received information about earlier today. While we still really do not know when The Last of Us Part II will be coming for sure, a tweet by one of the game’s directors makes it sound like they are nearing the end of at least one part of the development process.

Neil Druckmann served as one of the two directors on the first game and has returned now as the creative director and co-writer on the sequel. When you think of The Last of Us, Druckmann is definitely the industry name you think of. As a result, any information about the game from him is worth discussing.

The latest bit of info from Druckmann comes courtesy of his personal Twitter, where he posted an image of the final page of the script for the game as seen below.

With the image stating “The End,” this basically tells us that they have finished filming the final scene of the game. Considering the game, this likely means the motion capture process with his usage of “shot” rather than recording for the audio. The page itself doesn’t really give us any information either other than the game ends by fading to black.

While this may seem like they have wrapped shooting entirely, Naughty Dog could certainly be shooting scenes out of order in the game along with potential reshoots. However, the fact they have done the final scene makes you think they are pretty far along in the process at this point.

The big question remaining is whether The Last of Us Part II will release sometime in 2019 or be held for the PS4’s likely swan song in 2020. I would guess it’s probably the latter like we saw with the first game, but what a nice surprise it would be to get the game later this year.

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