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The Last Remnant Launches for the Nintendo Switch Today

Square Enix brings the shadow drop in hard.

by Alex Levine


Always expect the unexpected at E3, and Square Enix has made that old adage true tonight. We were wondering when The Last Remnant Remastered would be launching for the Nintendo Switch, well it turns out it launches today! That’s right, the long awaited remake of a classic RPG is out right after this conference is over.

The title came out for the PlayStation 4 last Winter, but the Switch version was still a mystery. Whether this iteration needed more help during development or not is irrelevant at this point, as we’re just happy to see it finally out for fans to enjoy. The original game came out in 2008, and while it wasn’t exactly a big seller for the company, it still found a fan base where some of them still played it to this day.

The game also sett itself apart with a different battle system, where the players have special units that are made up of certain fighters. The story and pacing was also a little sparse compared to their other titles, yet it still perspired through the years. In addition, this is the first time that the game will be available on a Nintendo system, so theirs that accolade it has under its belt now. The Last Remnant Remastered is available today for the PlayStation 4, and now the Nintendo Switch.

You can check out the new trailer here:


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