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The Original Devil May Cry is Coming to the Nintendo Switch This Summer

Hey Switch owners, wanna know the name?

by Alex Levine


The Devil May Cry franchise is experiencing a bit of a Renaissance right now. Along with the massive success of the latest entry, Devil May Cry 5, Capcom sees this as an opportunity to branch out to a company that hasn’t had any of the series games on their systems, Nintendo. The company announced today that the very first Devil May Cry will launch on the Nintendo Switch sometime this Summer.

No further details were revealed, so it’s unknown if were getting a port of the original PlayStation 2 version, or the one that was included in the HD Collection. We’re more than likely in for a special remaster of the game, and hopefully not just an emulation of the PS2 version. Either way, if you’ve somehow never played the original Devil May Cry, and have only played Nintendo consoles for the past 20 years, then this will be a great opportunity for you to finally get your hands on it.

The first title in the series is considered to the be one of the most influential games in the hack and clash RPG genre. What originally started out as another entry for the Resident Evil franchise, the project took on a life of its own as the team decided to create something brand new for Capcom. Launching on the PS2 back in 2001, the game was critically acclaimed for the smooth controls and outstanding gameplay mechanics.

With E3 2019 just around the corner, we’re more than likely in for more information from Capcom, but still, the Devil May Cry series is set to finally grace a Nintendo platform. Devil May Cry will launch sometime this Summer for the Nintendo Switch.

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