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The Outer Wilds Lands on Steam

Cross the void and race against time to solve a somber mystery.

by Brandon Adams


The Outer Wilds (not to be confused with The Outer Worlds) was perhaps one of the best games released last year, but it was an Epic Games Exclusive on PC (excluding the Xbox Game Pass). That changes today, as Mobius’ magical, yet somber exploration game has made the leap over to Steam.

The announcement was made over on Mobius’ official Twitter account, and The Outer Wilds is currently on sale for $16.65 (it’s normally $25). While we didn’t review it ourselves, I played The Outer Wilds extensively while deployed last year, and I strongly recommend going into it without knowing a damn thing, aside from the basics. The story slowly unravels as your traverse a selection of creative planets, but you’re racing the clock because the sun explodes every twenty minutes. You need to figure out why if you wish to break free from the time-loop you’ve found yourself stuck in.

The game is full of various secrets, most revealed by ancient hieroglyphs scatted across each world. Each new revelation will lead to another, and I am seriously going to stop here. Honestly, The Outer Wilds is a stellar game with one of the best narratives in video games. To go any deeper would spoil the excitement, awe, and surprise. The haberdasher flight controls will take some getting use to, but they are part of the charm, trust me. Even at $25 The Outer Wilds is worth the purchase. Check out the trailer below, and buckle in for one helluva ride across time and space.

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