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The Portal Board Game is a Frantic Race to Get the Most Cake

by Kyle Hanson


As a board game fan I feel rather disappointed in myself that I didn’t already know about the Portal board game. Coming this September from Valve and Cryptozoic Entertainment, the initial announcement actually came early last year, but we’re just now getting a first-look at the finished product thanks to GenCon.

The massive board game convention is where everyone shows off their upcoming games, and Portal has made a big splash. Youtube channel The Board of Games got to take a look at the near-finished product, and have released a first-look video, which you can see below.

The basics of the game are that players move around the testing chambers, using portals and various cards along the way. With them are items from the Portal games, including the iconic cake and companion cube.

Test chambers will move, and shift around as the game progresses. Players will try to avoid letting their test subjects fall to their doom, while also doing the same for their cake, which they are transporting throughout the test chambers.

There are portals, turrets, and pretty much anything else you remember fondly from the video games. At the end of the game, the player who has the most cake left in the test chambers wins.

Portal Board Game First-Look

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