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The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Download Sizes Revealed Across All Platforms

| April 17, 2015

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Download Sizes Revealed Across All Platforms News  The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt CD Projekt Red Bandai Namco

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is easily one of the largest game of 2015 and now we know just how much space that fantasy world is going to take up on each platform. Uncovered by DualShockers, the Xbox store page for CD Projekt RED’s ambitious RPG now shows a download size of 25.15GB for the Xbox One version. However, BecauseImBatman commented on N4G that The Witcher 3 is not the aforementioned size and is, instead, 30.4GB once installed. To prove this claim, the user provided an image which can be seen here.

That brings the Xbox One version more in line with the game’s current listings on PS4 and PC. The US PlayStation Store has replaced the previous placeholder figure for the title’s PS4 counterpart with 35GB. The PC version also sits at 35GB.

All of these numbers fall below previous reports of Geralt of Rivia’s upcoming outing requiring a massive 50GB of storage space, which is still reflected on the EU PlayStation Store page. So start clearing out those unneeded games on your hard drive and take advantage of the pre-load opportunities on your platform of choice. That way you’re ready to jump into this highly-anticipated installment of The Witcher when it hits May 19th.

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  • Steven Hiller

    Its unfortunate the ps4 does not properly support external drives and many ps4 gamers who have already upgraded their drives are looking at another upgrade to play this game. I hope Sony will update their product to give a better experience for gamers in the near future.

    • Allen

      What a dumb ass troll comment.

      (1) Sony is smart enough and awesome enough to make the hard drive easily replaceable w/o voiding warranty (last gen feature).
      (2) The PS4 library is an amazing tool that makes it very easy to delete but not lose or forget your games.
      (3) Go ahead and clutter up your entertainment center with more cords and another plug in the wall, ps fans are above at.

      • Steven Hiller

        I know alot of guys who spent $100 on a new hard drive only to find out they’re going to have to upgrade again for another $200. Hard drive swapping is not a good solution for gamers.

        Xbone is USB 3.0. What other wires do.i have connected to my entertainment system?

        • Country Boy Lucifer

          Once again demonstrating an utter lack of common sense in your trolling.

          At least when I do it I can back up everything i’ve said. you on the other hand cannot

          • Steven Hiller


          • Country Boy Lucifer

            In layman’s terms, you’re an idiot

          • Steven Hiller

            So you’re saying the ps4 has proper support for external hdds?

          • Country Boy Lucifer

            No I’m saying there’s no issue with storage on the ps4.

          • Dennis

            No matter how big your HD is, for gamers who don’t want to ditch content, HD space is *always* a problem.

            Plus, how fun is it to re-install the OS when upgrading?

            External, internal, PS4, XB1 and PC, hard disk space is and will almost certainly *always* be an issue. Games are getting bigger and bigger, not smaller and smaller.

            There is no ‘clear’ winner in this arena…unless you’re prone to stream games like Onlive did, which Sony bought recently – but want to play a game locally and you’ve a streaming service, net down or slow? Good luck.

          • Allen

            PS4’s game library is perfect for limited hard drive space. Not sure if you have seen it but it’s very well organized and you never lose sight of anything even if you delete it. That coupled with easy install of any laptop drive makes it perfect.

            If you got slow net then you buy physical and upgrade immediately.

          • Country Boy Lucifer

            I’ll rephrase.

            The Xbox one and ps4 do not have any real issues with storage above the norm

        • Allen

          LOL what other cords?

          Uh…lets see power cords for every device…me I got PS2, PS3, PS4, Wii, WiiU, Surround sound Receiver all with power cords, HDMI or other + speaker wires, sub woofer cable and probably more.

          So yeah if you want a big ugly external hdd, with another wire connected to your xbox + another device plugged into the wall in about the least classy way possible then yeah enjoy that POS.

          I know no one that spent $100 on a HDD, WTF is that about? I’ve played just about every major game to release and still have room with my 500gb. Sure I’ve had to delete some stuff but like I said I got the library which is set up perfectly – the games you own never leave your library if you delete them or not (unless you really want to).

          you are just a know nothing dumb ass troll spewing BS because you all mad PS4 is better than xbox in every single way and ground stomping xbone in all markets…even it’s precious US (the only one that matters right? lol)

          • Guest

            Your last statement is totally subjective.

          • Allen

            Him being a know nothing douche spewing BS is not subjective.

            PS4 having more exclusives, far more free exclusive content, far more features and gamer focused features is not subjective and there are many *Friend spectate *Pass the controls *Game share *way more video capture *Super fast downloads *Super fast install to play times *Superb instant resume + all the little extras. Also PS+ being far more valuable is not subjective and neither is PS4 superior hardware and performance. Hell even sales and in all territories isn’t subjective so what the fk do you think is subjective? Oh that’s right, butt hurt xbots have nothing to bitch about, just spew BS over and over and strokng each other off with their lies.

          • Guest

            Far more content? More features? Links to these?
            You rage so much its not even funny.
            It’s subjective which has better features.
            Its subjective which has better games.
            Its subjective who has a better controller.
            These two systems are so similar its not even funny. Both have exclusive features. Both have pretty much the same amount of content. One has PS Now, the other has EA Access. Both have apps. One has more power, the other has more features. Both have gimmicky accessories. Its also subjective which has a better online network. Its not about the games, which both seem to be more or less good right now. It can also come down to the stability of networks aka which network you prefer.
            Its quite funny you call me an xbot just for having a different view. You really need to learn that no, neither is really better than the other, and people have different preferences.
            But I guess you’ll start having a fanboy rant which makes trying to calm you down totally pointless. After all, you are the guy that said the DS3 was perfect, which is TOTALLY subjective. Ha ha ha.

          • Guest

            Oh little xbot you’re such an hypocrite. Use subjective arguments all over the place and use it on others. You say one system has more features than other? I assume you’re taking about the X1. But can you prove that? Do you have links?

      • TheManWithABigToe

        External hdds are so small nowadays that you don’t really notice anyways.

        • Allen

          Another plug in the wall and another cord to the console. Neither about the size but yeah it is yet another thing (no matter how small) to have laying around. It’s ugly just like the external power brick. Sony is elite, it’s consoles are beautiful and it’s design is tight. All integrated beauty and ease of use. Complain all you want sony wins big there as in many other areas if not all.

    • Jesse

      U realize that u can use an external hard rive on a ps4 now it just didn’t launch with the feature neither did xbone

      • Steven Hiller

        Yes, but you can’t install games to it, which makes it pointless. If you’ll notice, that’s why I said proper support for external hdds.

    • Dan

      I bought a 2 TB supported drive and replaced it. Warranty not voided by this, and I have a ton of large games installed with 1.23 TB to spare

      • Steven Hiller

        A lot of guys got the 1 Tb drive thinking I’d be more than enough and now they need to replace them again.

        • Dan

          Yeah I know, that does suck. To be fair, even if there was external HD support, the same problem would exist. I think the real problem is that both Sony and MS highly underestimated how much space games were going to require for this generation when they decided on how much internal space to include

          • Guest

            I don’t think they underestimated it . For me they decided to go with lower HD size to reduce manufacture cost and the overall cost of the console.

          • Dan

            Nah I don’t buy that. Storage space is about the cheapest component available these days

          • Guest

            Both companies tried to cut the price as much as they could. MS tried to not include headphones initially. Even if the difference in price is say 10-20 bucks you got to multiple that by the millions they sold. For Sony, that sold 20m it is a loss of 200-400m.

          • Steven Hiller

            The x1 supports multiple external hdds so I really has done things the right way.

          • Guest

            Many X1 gamers had to buy mutliple external hdd and multiple cords lying around. If only MS made it easier to change the internal hard drive without voiding the warranty(like on the PS4).

            For me if there was a “right” way it would be having both.

          • Steven Hiller

            I’ll say it again. Swapping drives is not a good solution. Firs the original drive is useless, second you have to download your entire game library all over again. For people with bsndwith caps this means months of downloading. Unacceptable. External hdds are the best solution for consumers.

          • Guest

            All you have been doing is bringing subjective arguments. You prefer external hdd. Other people prefer having the ability to change the internal hdd and not be bothered with external drives and all. I’ll say it again, if you THINK about it the “best” solution (if such a thing exist) is have both features so that the users have the choice.

            You have been doing this a lot recently. Seems to me that MS & MS fans mostly do that. Bringing subjective arguments and try to pass it as facts.

          • Dan

            This I agree with

          • Dan

            Right way, maybe but maybe not. Point being that if you buy 1 hard drive, then it fills up, you still have to buy another hard drive. Yeah you don’t have to deal with the inconvenience of moving things around, but it’s the same cost burden

  • $153867548

    T-T i can’t wait damnit xb1n ps4 i’m getting both. Now if you all excuse me i’m gonna scream like a 8 yr old at a One Direction concert lol

  • Whiskey Red Balls

    6TB hdd on PS4 cry moar bitches

  • Dragonrider

    External drive support would be one hell of a convenience! By the end of this console generation, its going to be a nightmare installing, and re-installing games. I’ll probably have 160 50 gb games with no way to play them without waiting two days.
    50gbs probably aren’t even the end of it. I bet some games will hit 100gbs by 2020.

    Man, external hardrives would be nice.

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