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The Witness Might Be Heading To The Xbox One In The Future

| February 1, 2016

The Witness Might Be Heading To The Xbox One In The Future News  The Witness

The Witness has wowed both gamers and critics alike for those that have played it already on PC and PS4. Now it looks like the developer is considering to port the game over to the Xbox One sometime soon.

The Witness’ creator, Jonathan Blow, hinted that the game will be out on Xbox One eventually while replying to a fan about it via Twitter.

He said:Now that we are done with the initial launch we are going to look into the possibility of going into XB1.” Sadly he didn’t specify a release date since he has to talk to Microsoft first about it.

Considering how popular the game has become on both PC and PS4, it should be a no brainer that it eventually comes out to the Xbox One. Many indie games that became surprise hits have been ported to many platforms.

A game that I can think of that was ported to many different platforms is Octodad: Dadliest Catch. That game was initially exclusive to the PC and PS4 platforms only until the game gained popularity over time.

YouTube’s PewDiePie was a huge factor in promoting the game on his channel. The game was then eventually ported to the Xbox One and Wii U because of the high demand.

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  • efnet

    And I still won’t buy it

    • Allen

      Why? You buy like everything and this is a great game.

      • efnet

        Correction I buy every game BUT
        I don’t like Jonathan blow
        He’s an ass so I don’t care to support him nor his work …

        • Allen

          Why you do you feel that way? Because he called games intellectually lazy? I think he’s just got a different approach to video games.

          • efnet

            It isn’t one particular thing he said
            I just don’t like him
            Point blank period …..

          • Allen

            Okay. Well I liked Braid and I’m going to get the Witness. To each his own though. Have a good one efnet.

          • Guest

            LOL “The guy is an ass. I don’t like him, I can’t say a particular statement that makes me think that way, ofc it has nothing to do about him criticising MS…”

            Some of these people makes me laugh… :)

          • Allen

            Yeah I just didn’t want to start shit with him again.


    Will definitely pick it up on a sale. Looks fun!

  • Facts First

    Good, good I’ll play it for XB1

  • Darth Vader™

    Hopefully. This game is really on my radar.

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