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Breath of the Wild bug completely removes the game’s cel-shading filter, turning Link into a horrifying doll

by Lewis White


Breath of the Wild’s cel-shaded graphics can be absolutely beautiful at times, but have you ever wondered what the game would look like without them? The answer is simple: horrifying.

Link himself is particularly haunting with dead doll-like eyes and a blank facial expression

Posted by Reddit user Rangers_of_the_North and reposted all over Twitter, there’s a small alcove halfway in the gatehouse of Lake Hylia’s bridge which, when entered, makes some horrifying things happen. By simply climbing inside the gatehouse’s rubble, the game completely removes the graphical filter which transforms everything into a cel-shaded aesthetic, and instead becomes insanely creepy.

Once inside, Link’s character model, attire and pretty much any item he’s holding turns into a weird plastic-y, early CGI level of creepy, complete with glossy exteriors. Link himself is particularly haunting with dead doll-like eyes and a blank facial expression. Who was responsible for making this, Nintendo?!


There are more shots of the effect located on Rangers_of_the_North’s original Reddit thread–which surprisingly didn’t get all that many upvotes at the time of writing–so be sure to check them all out.

With Breath of the Wild being out for so long, it’s a miracle that this bug wasn’t found already–and I hope Nintendo never fixes it. With such a wide expanse available for players to explore in Nintendo’s hit game–which we gave a full five stars–there could be hundreds of similar, even more terrifying, bugs out there in the wild.

- This article was updated on:August 30th, 2017

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