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This Guy Plays alot of Halo: Reach

| April 5, 2011

This Guy Plays alot of Halo: Reach News Xbox  Halo Reach

This is one of the best Halo: Reach montages that I have ever seen.  Set to “Gold Guns Girls” by Metric, there is some serious high level play on display here, with some great video editing.  Compiled by Just Mad, the video has quite a few nice overkills throughout and some really slick shooting to close out the video.

If this one doesn’t make you want to brush up on your Halo: Reach skills, nothing will.  Except maybe the new map pack that just launched, which we’ve been having a great time with.  Probably not as much fun as the guy in this video, considering that he has undeniable world-class Halo: Reach skills.

Source: Youtube via Bungie

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  • joshua the 1st


  • joshua the 1st

    ask Beinn Narnian for a game invite for halo reach.