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Thrall Returns to World of Warcraft

The true Warchief is back.

by Alex Levine


Blizzard Entertainment has released another beautiful cinematic, titled Safe Haven, for World of Warcraft Battle for Azeroth, and this one is what all of the fans have been waiting for. In what can only be described as an awe inspiring moment, Thrall, the former Warchief of the Horde, makes his return to the series after a nearly three year absence.

This moment couldnt have come soon enough, as WoW itself has been waning in popularity due to lack of content since Battle for Azeroth released last Summer. The player count has dwindled, specifically Horde players, but this just might be the thing to bring them back into the fold. Thrall was everything that the Horde represented for so many years, and fans have been clamoring for his return for a while.

In the cinematic, Saurfang, one of the Hordes leading members, has apparently sought out Thrall in an attempt to bring him back to the Horde. After current Warchief Sylvanas’ recent actions, Saurfang can no longer stand aside and let her run rampant on the world of Azeroth, especially when she burned the world tree Teldrassil. Thrall is hesitant to take up the mantle once again though, as he only has sorrowful memories of when he was forced to execute Garrosh Hellscream. Things change though when both are attacked by undead rogues, with Saurfang claiming that he followed them to Thralls exiled home.

Realizing that he will be hunted regardless of his decision, Thrall unearths a hidden axe-like weapon and prepares to do battle alongside Saurfang, presumably for the Horde. It was everything we hoped for an more, Thrall is back in the World of Warcraft series. Interestingly enough, Chris Metzen, the former Blizzard Director of Story and Franchise Development, was also the longtime voice actor for Thrall himself. He hasnt stated if he has indeed returned to Blizzard as well, but it sure does sound like Metzen in the cinematic.

What this will do for the actual in game aspect remains a mystery, but knowing Blizzard it will be something of an extreme magnitude for the story. You can check out the cinematic, Safe Haven, here:

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