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Three Nintendo Switch Games to be Announced at E3 2017

by Kyle Hanson


Best Buy Canada has put up their E3 page and it’s full of interesting information for the upcoming show. Three games are listed in the Nintendo Switch area as “to be revealed at E3”, seemingly setting expectations for Nintendo to make some big announcements. This much is known, but once you dive into the rumor territory, it becomes even bigger.

According to Reddit user pokotok, by manipulating the urls on the site he was able to uncover what two of these three upcoming announcements are: Super Smash Bros. and Pikmin World. The third title was not figured out as of this writing, but is likely the previously leaked Mario and Rabbids crossover. However, it’s important to keep this part of the reveal firmly in the rumor territory, as we have no way of confirming what pokotok has posted, and we’ve seen fakes like this before.

What is definitely set in stone by this development is that Nintendo has some big stuff planned for their E3 2017 presentation. Set for Tuesday morning at 9am Pacific Time, the company will deliver 30 minutes of reveals before the show floor opens.

Fans got excited at the prospect of a new Pokemon game for Nintendo Switch, but after the recent Pokemon Direct those hopes have mostly been dashed. There were big announcements there, but aside from Pokken Tournament DX, everything was for the 3DS. Most fans are hoping for movement to the Switch some time soon, so E3 is highly anticipated.

What could these three Nintendo Switch games be? Let us know what you’re hoping they are in the comments below.

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